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Who we are

More than thirty years have passed since we began to deal with communication and relationships with a view to sharing, respect and transparency, as our masters have taught us.

We have tried to interpret reality and its social, political, institutional dynamics and to give our clients and our collaborators tools to face the challenges that have arisen in recent years.
We want to be a partner who solves problems and creates opportunities, not just a supplier of products and services.

We spoke about sustainability and 2030 Goals when it was still a topic for a few. We worked on communities living inside of them and trying to give solutions in the awareness that every day we have something new to learn.

We believe that only network, dialogue and exchange of experiences will help us to face what today seems inevitable: a profound change in our culture as citizens and person through concrete projects, initiatives and actual solutions.

Rossana Revello

Rossana Revello PR

She established Chiappe Revello in 1985 together with national and international partners, personally following public affairs and communication activities of many companies in the environmental and energy, industry, infrastructures and health sectors. She has been dealing with reporting and stakeholder engagement strategies for some years now, thanks to the 30-year experience in Confindustria where she was chair of the Technical Group on Corporate Social Responsibility from 2016 to 2020, too.

On behalf of Confindustria, she was member of the Coordination Committee for Fair and Sustainable Well-Being indicators (BES) of the National Council of Economy and Labour (CNEL) and of the Business & Industry Advisory Committee of the OECD (Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development) within which she participated at the International Investment & Responsible Business Conduct Committee and the Responsibility Business Conduct / Multinational Guidelines Conduct Group.Over the years she held various positions at institutional level in Genoa and Rome and within professional associations.

Over the years she held various positions at institutional level in Genoa and Rome and within professional associations. Since February 2020 she has been an external member of the Board of Directors of the University of Calabria. Today she is advisor to the Mission Technical Bureau for the strategic direction and development of infrastructures and the high surveillance of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility.


We set up teams tailored on the specific issues of our clients. The team includes both long-time experts, and ad hoc consultants, involved case by case depending on their location or on specialized skills.

Impronta sostenibile
It is a business network – established in 2021 – which brings together experts in legal, data analytics, research and digital tools sectors.


It is a company specialized in tools and digital solutions tailored to strengthen stakeholder engagement, enable sustainable innovation and measure the impacts generated

sigma nl

Sigma nl
It is a spin-off of the University of Genoa, specialized in social impact assessment (Social Roi Impact) and Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA), anti-corruption and transparency issues, risk analysis, organization and management models.


It is an international digital and creative company specialized in technological innovation and experience design for companies and organizations in culture, tourism, communication, marketing, and information systems business.

dm group

DM Group
It is an agency specialized in data driven marketing, established in 1994, expert in strategies capable of building a personal and interactive relationship with BtoB and BtoC customers.

pezzilli company

<strong>Pezzilli &amp; Company </strong>
It is a strategic consulting and integrated communication company, specialized in web design & marketing, content and web development.



It is one of the main international auditing and business consulting networks in Italy and in the world and it has been offering integrated professional services for auditing, advisory, outsourcing tax and law for over 50 years.

diesis group

Diesis Group
It is an agency specialized in media relations, communication and PR, publishing and strategic consultancy, providing clients with a scientific system for measuring the visibility obtained in the media.