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Local public affairs

Our presence on the territories and public affairs with local institutions are well established.
We analyze the topics of interest and specific scenarios from an institutional, economic, social and environmental point of view and we suggest key alliances to provide adequate solutions to the proposed problems.
We develop effective strategies to support the interests of our clients starting from in-depth analyzes of the problem and stakeholders, we define the most suitable approaches, plan activities based on the objectives and select the most suitable tools to achieve them.
We use a widespread network insiede territories that acts both as a “feeler” and as an “operational contact” to support the implementation of the defined activities

Analysis and strategic support

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  • Regulatory monitoring at national, regional and municipal level
  • Qualitative and quantitative territorial surveys through specialized partners
  • Community intelligence
  • Advocacy & lobbying
  • Public affairs at national and local level strategic alliances building
  • Participatory planning and conflict management

Operating support

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  • Back office – Database, Mailing list, Calendar of events, Monitoring tools, Drafting of amendments, Preparation of legislative drafts, Preparation of texts for hearings
  • Corporate publications – Position papers, Survey, Dossier, Newsletter, Research and studies
  • Media relations – Dissemination of information to media through press releases, press conferences, press tours, events for journalists, direct and indirect interventions, participation in radio / TV programs
  • Events and sponsorships – Workshops and round tables, ad hoc initiatives, targeted sponsorships