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Strategic sustainability plans

For energy business sustainability and innovation are increasing their importance, especially after the opening of the free market: clients are increasingly demanding sustainability to energy operators and the latter are trying to meet these demands with actions that are often uncoordinated between them.

So, we assisted an important Italian energy operator in the process of harmonizing the activities already undertaken and in planning the future path, in order to realize shared value for the company and all its stakeholders.

We have reorganized the client’s sustainability activities, starting from an in-depth analysis of the reference scenario and a benchmark of the competitors, in order to assess client positioning within the energy market. This allowed us to create a homogeneous and in-depth sustainability plan.

Consumer expectations of energy companies were then investigated through a national survey, to highlight the areas of greatest interest for the community in relation to sustainability issues. The results were then analysed considering company activities and guidelines to produce a sustainability policy code and a first operational plan with tools and actions to create the best possible image for our clients.

Through the sustainability plan company was able to produce a strategic document of guidelines in order to define the main sustainability themes and actions for present and the coming years.