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Engagement 4 C

Since 2013 we have been managing community relations for one of the most important European energy company, active in the sector of electricity generation and distribution. The infrastructures implemented by this Company could have a considerable environmental, social and economic impact on communities, so the community relations strategies were based on an open and constant dialogue with the stakeholders to detect any critical issues and find shared solutions.

Chiappe Revello’ approach to community relations is based on dialogue and debate: a strategy of voluntary anticipatory stakeholders engagement (institutions, business, social and medias, citizens) directly affected by energy infrastructures.
This strategy of listening, share and involve stakeholders, to be implemented with success also needs the organization of events with focus on infrastructures projects.

Besides of the opening of a channel for constant dialogue with community the strategy undertaken led to the improvement of Company’s reputation. These results were prized with a celebrated international award.