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We are part of networks and associations that operate in the fields of professional growth, the development of business culture and sustainability


Rossana Revello is a member of Fe.R.P.I – Italian Public Relations Federation – since 1987. She has held various positions, including managing relations with SMEs.


Chiappe Revello has been member since 1987 and Rossana Revello has held various positions at local level in both Young Entrepreneurs and SMEs since the early 90s; at national level, since 2008 she was a member of the Culture Commission where she dealt with the promotion of CSR and sustainability until 2015. From 2016 to 2020 she was chair of the CSR Technical Group for the CSR within the Delegation on Industrial Policy and member of the General Board.
From 2020 she is the College of arbitrators of Confindustria Genova.

il chiostro

Il Chiostro
Association that promotes the culture, practice and regulation of transparency in the representation of interests.
Rossana Revello is a founding member of the association and Vice President.

fondazione sviluppo sostenibile

Foundation that promotes the green economy and sustainable development through a core of integrated skills capable of reconciling industrial strategies, best practices and regulatory simplification.
Rossana Revello has been a member of the Presidential Committee since 2021.

etic lab

Chiappe Revello is one of the companies that established this experimental laboratory for the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility


Today “Sustainable Makers” – the CSR Manager Network gathers Italian professionals in the management of socio-environmental and sustainability issues related to company activities.
Rossana Revello has been a member since 2011.

associazione logistica sostenibile

SOS LOGistica
Association established in 2015 that promotes sustainability in the Supply Chain and has developed the first brand for sustainable logistics in Italy – Sustainable Logistics. Since 2019 Rossana Revello is a member of the Steering Committee in charge of public affairs.