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Who we are

Who we are

We are a group of professionals who have been supporting, for more than thirty years, companies and organizations with passion, dedication, talents and skills.

At the end of the 80s we dealt with communication thanks to the masters who guided us.

In the 90s we explored new geographical and professional areas: we consolidated our international network, thanks to the fact that we belong to leading international groups, and in the same time we widespread our network around Italy. Furthermore, through the development of strategies and services in public affairs, we supported many companies in the management of the relations with institutions and stakeholders.

In the new millennium we started to reflect on innovation and the challenges of a new economic paradigm where sustainability and social responsibility are the new goals and our task was  – and it is – sharing strategies and paths for the creation of shared value.

In recent years we have worked for public and private organizations in the sectors of energy, environment, transport, industry, major services, health, scientific and technological research, large-scale distribution, professional firms and trade associations. We also dealt with smart cities, the prevention of climate change risks, sustainability in infrastructures and transports and the blue economy.


A dedicated team

There is a dedicate team for each client shaped around its issues. inside the team there are both professionals with a long-term collaboration with our agency, and ad hoc consultants with high quality specific skills.

Rossana Revello


She established the company in 1985 together with national and international partners, personally following the activities of public affairs and communication for many companies in environment, energy, industry, infrastructure and health sectors. She has a deep knowledge of stakeholder engagement approaches and processes thanks to the experience gained over many years in Confindustria where she held various positions both at regional and national level: since June 2016, inside the industrial policy unit,  she has been Chairman of the Technical Group on Corporate Social Responsibility.

On behalf of Confindustria, she is a board member of the Coordination Committee for Fair and Sustainable Wellbeing (BES) indicators of the National Council of Economy and Labor (CNEL) and of the OECD’s Business & Industry Advisory Committee (Cooperation Organization and Economic Development) in which she participates to the International Investment & Responsible Business Conduct Committee and the Responsibility Business Conduct / Multinational Guidelines Conduct Group.

She stands for Confindustria in AsviS – the Alliance for the sustainable development. She is President of the Areté Award for responsible communicate

Over the years she has been senior member of  professional associations in Genoa and Rome.

Since February 2020 she has been an external member of the Board of Administrators of the University of Calabria.

Patrizia Servidei

Caterina Serra

Tiziana Roccatagliata

Sonia Pestarino

Patrizia Petretto

Milena Leoncini

Beatrice Isoppo

Antonella Covati


Sigma nl

It is a spin-off of the University of Genoa. Sigma nl is groundbreaking start-up that offers social impact assessment services (Social Roi Impact) and Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA), anti-corruption and transparency, risk analysis, organizational and management models


International digital and creative company specialized in technological innovation and experience design. ETT offers multimedia software solutions for culture, tourism, communication, marketing organizations, and IT for public administration

Diesis group

Communication agency that offers a complete system of services for media relations, communication and public relations, publishing and strategic consulting, providing customers also a scientific system for measuring the visibility inside medias.


BDO is one of the main international audit and business consultancy networks in Italy and worldwide. For over 50 years it has been offering integrated audit, advisory, outsourcing tax & law services in line with the highest quality standards and in compliance with current regulations.


Customer Engagement Agency that develops channels of contact between brands and people through Social media, Digital technology, Digital Marketing, Events, ATL and BTL campaigns.


The consultancy and training company ``GoForBenefit Srl SB`` is the fruit of joint efforts by professionals, management consultants and university researchers. Our commitment is to highlight the value of the tangible and intangible assets of the companies.


GGallery, a training, communication, video making and ICT consulting company, offers a wide range of services and products with over 35 years of experience. GGallery is also an CME provider and has extensive experience in the health sector.