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Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability strategy

We believe in sustainability as a governance model for better respond and anticipate changes in business and society, stand up crises and manage complex issues.

We believe that organizations success and growth should be measured in the long term and is related to economic, environmental and social aspects of its activity.

Stakeholders represent one of the strategic factors of success for companies: through listening and engagement it is possible to develop inclusive, innovative and sustainable plans.

Strategic plans

We support organizations and companies in defining strategic sustainability plans

Starting from the analysis of the performance and the positioning of the company, we identify stakeholders and most relevant issues, defining processes and tailored actions based on companies goals and priorities,business and community climate. We manage and implement strategic initiatives and tools, monitoring their outcomes and impacts.

Engagement 4c

The 4C of our engagement method are: Connect, Contribute, Collaborate, Communicate

Engagement for us means creating strong ties, improve stakeholder loyalty and reputation of organizations, in a circular dimension for a common profit.

We design, coordinate and personalize each engagement path taking into consideration organizations and communities peculiarities (internal resources, market and consumers, investors, institutions, etc.).

Advocacy & Lobbying

It’s long time that we have been dealing with advocacy and lobbying activities at local, national and European level.

We consolidated our expertise in public affairs, advocacy and lobby supporting big national and multinational companies. Thanks to our considerable relational network, we facilitate the dialogue between business and institutional stakeholders as facilitator, interpreter, and manager of the communication processes


We promote shared and inclusive culture of sustainability through training courses.

We help organizations develop specific skills on impact assessment, reporting tools, certifications, sustainability risk management and sustainable supply chain management.

Business development

We support companies in the increase of their business and in the creation of strategic business alliances

We encourage the positive circularity between sustainability and innovation to identify new stakeholders. Through our consolidated network, we are able to suggest projects, proposals and partnership programs, business oriented.


We develop tailored educational projects for young people, specifically created to meet the needs of companies and those of schools.

Our projects are carried out in collaboration with academics to offer young people quality and competence and we promote them also through the social medias for a more viral dissemination.