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Why we are different

From communication to engagement: a long story

We are a group of passionate and devoted professionals believing in talents and skills.
In 2015 our agency celebrated its 30th anniversary.
At the end of the 80’s we were caught up by communication strategies thanks to the masters who have guided us.
In the 90’s we explored new geographical and professional areas: thanks to the consolidation of the network through the partnership with major international groups, the widespread presence in the Country, and the improvement of public affairs skills and services, we were able to coach companies in the management of relations with institutions and stakeholders.
During the new millennium we devoted our efforts towards innovation and the challenge of a new economic paradigm, where sustainability and social responsibility are embedded in the business strategy.
Nowadays our task is to share strategies and best practices to help companies in the creation of shared value.
In the meantime, in these recent difficult times, we have invested in internal education and in the search for new models and best practices and today our key words for the future are ecosystem, engagement, shared value, social innovation, storytelling.

An innovative approach: the platform for sustainability

We believe that the values of sustainability represent the new dimension of doing business and matters of governance for the competitiveness improvement.

To meet this challenge we have worked hard to support companies in a long-term path where issues can be transformed into opportunities, creating virtuous ecosystems.
Sharing values is the key point trying to overcome barriers and conflicts through dialogue and debate.

We offer a customized platform where – once the strategic vision and goals are set down – we share solutions with all stakeholders: employees, communities, institutions, customers, supply chain, associations and academics etc.
Ours is a “tailored” approach because it aims to quantitative and qualitative measurable results.