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Services and Operations

With thirty years of commitment in tailored consultancy support and cut to fit coaching projects for stakeholders engagement strategies for companies and organizations, our team is able to analyse and develop tools, reports, projects and initiatives according to organizations and companies targets.

Intelligence and monitoring service to detect the adverse impact on business:

  • legislative and regulatory monitoring platform
  • dedicated information service in real time, in-depth analysis of issues
  • media monitoring through on-line and off-line media screening
  • social media audit

Thanks to this activity, companies and organizations get an overall audit of public decision-makers, influencers, media and social activities that impact on their business.

We support companies in the growth of their business and in the creation of strategic business alliances. Our well-established network and contacts enable us to suggest valuable marketing projects, proposals and partnership programs.

We are able to formulate and project cut-to-targets media events, corporate and cultural initiatives.

Thanks to our strategic approach and our team of experts we are able to offer an overall project management: from contents management up to stakeholders engagement and key messages to organizing secretariat and media relations.

Taking advantage of the collaboration of specialized suppliers, we are able to provide a measurable tool designed according to current innovative trends and technological engagement models.

We are able to generate effective and efficient mass media and new media relations, exploring – in coordination with our clients – the most effective approaches and messages to improve online and offline reliability and reputation.

We develop and disseminate contents, we implement strategic planning and target segmentation, we organize meetings and press conferences, press tours and ad hoc programs for media engagement.

We are able to formulate tailored contents and develop state-of-the-art publishing and multimedia tools. We can project educational or corporate websites.

We support companies in planning strategic communication activities and in coordinating image and content communication tools.

Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember; involve me and I will understand

— Confucius

We plan and tailor turnkey and educational projects for young people, formulated to meet the needs of the client and those of the national or local students.

Our projects are carried out in collaboration with the academic world to offer young people quality and expertise in research laboratories, too.

A social media marketing communication of the educational projects complete the offer.