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Engagement and strategic advice

Sustainability is an advantage and creates shared value: allows the company to achieve its objectives in respect of all stakeholders, the environment and the community in which it operates.

Sustainability is a strategic issue that affects the competitiveness of companies – it is not only a marketing tool – and improves the corporate performance with stakeholders.

We have been supporting organizations in relations management and communication processes for many years, offering concrete support to improve governance and business growth.

Over time, we gained extensive experience in managing public affairs at local, national and European levels and today we are able to elaborate effective strategies to cultivate open, trustful, reliable relations with public decision-makers, taking care of companies interests.

We are able to support any business model thanks to our capillary network inside territories and to the collaboration with academics, experts, economists, finance experts, statisticians and trainers.

We perform our activity through cutting-edge tools and technological solutions; we can offer customized web platforms for stakeholder engagement and analysis of relevant issues.

ENGAGEMENT: our innovative approach

Involve, Share, Collaborate, Communicate.

Structuring engagement means creating strong ties. Strong ties means improvement of stakeholders loyalty and increasement of influence of organizations even in the event of a crisis.

We can create engagement at all levels with:

  • internal resources – to ensure performance
  • market and consumers – to get trust
  • investors – to create value
  • communities and institutions – to endorse credibility

Each engagement process is different from the other: stakeholders involved in are different, the objectives and the strategies to be adopted are different. For this reason we design, coordinate and personalize the engagement process by making stakeholders interact with organizations and organizations with stakeholders, in a circular dimension for a common benefit.




Managing strategic sustainability means integrating sustainable development policies into company governance and improving stakeholders relations, maximizing the effectiveness of the actions undertaken at environmental and social level.

We support organizations and companies in defining strategic sustainability plans in all their stages:

  • company performance analysis and sustainable positioning
  • delineation of goals, priorities, timing, processes and customized actions 
  • management and operational implementation of the identified initiatives and tools
  • monitoring of results, updating of strategy and exploitation of objectives achieved


Our experienced team can recompile sustainability and integrated reports according to the latest national and international standards.

We enhance the communication impact of reporting tools, making them easily understood by all stakeholders and identifying key facts to be highlighted at public events, assemblies, institutional meetings and promotional occasions.


The initiatives created over the years for our customers have helped them to enhance their commitment in terms of CSR and sustainability.

Each event we organize follows a strategic approach in accordance with company positioning. Our team takes care of contents in order to guarantee visibility to initiatives and projects and to establish the stakeholders engagement.


Our experience in public affairs comes from afar: we have a remarkable experience in community relations and in public affairs at local, national and European level and we consolidated our experience in the area of public affairs, advocacy and lobby, supporting big national and multinational companies.

We managed crisis situations in environmental, health, economic and law fields and monitored specific projects in environment (waste and water cycle), energy (fossil and renewable sources), health (prevention, care support, biotechnologies, rare diseases), transports (railways, public transport services, airlines), infrastructures (ports, airports, railway and road infrastructures),  gamingfood, and large-scale retail trade.

Thanks to our broad network, we facilitate the dialogue between the needs of the business world and external expectations through a key phase of listening and action, becoming mediator, interpreter, facilitator and supervisor of communication processes.

Through specific lobbying and advocacy actions we are able to increase our clients’ influence on decision makers in order to improve policies and achieve changes in the areas of interest. The actions are conducted on the basis of objective arguments and through negotiation and cooperation with all the subjects involved.